Fairy Glen Cavies

Fairy Glen Caviary is situated in the small town of Cathcart in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.


We breed with Abbysinian, Sheltie and Peruvian Guinea Pigs and would like to introduce a few other breeds to our collection some time in the future. Mainly breeds that are not yet available in our country. BUT that is all in the future and we are not in a hurry.


We are registered, as a breeder, with the South African Guinea Pig Society (SAGPS) and register our guinea pigs with the Society as well.


We do not breed on order or in large quantities as guinea pigs require lots of love, attention and food and if there are too many, they would be deprived of all they deserve for such wonderful little friends.


Our aim is to re-establish a good Abbyssinian Guinea Pig line in South Africa as bad husbandry and very poor breeding regimes have weakened the breed remarkably and has left South Africa with very few well bred, good rosetted Abbies. The poor breeding has also caused the guinea pigs to become smaller and the attention to special characteristics have been lost.


As for the Shelties, we have noted that when you put a Sheltie sow with a Sheltie boar you will NOT necessarily get a litter of Sheltie pups. You may find that you will have a little Peruvian or a Texel popping up here and there. Even a smooth coat or two. It is the same with the Peruvians. This is fairly dissappointing when you were expecting what you aimed for. Our aim here is to get the lines as true as possible with what we've got.


We currently do not breed for any specific colours but may do so in the future. At the moment we do not have many show quality cavies, but I am confident that with careful planning and good matings, we will reach our goals.


We welcome you to our site we hope you enjoy your visit with us!



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We are breeders of Abyssinian, Sheltie and Peruvian Guinea Pigs in the Eastern Cape of South Africa

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